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Exchange Tour of FREY Bike Fans in China




FREY team and brand is committed to creating value for users and partners. Guided by the customer-oriented principle and in order to provide users with better products and services, we are now recruiting several FREY electric mountain bike users and partners to visit Frey's factory in China and enjoy new product activities of Frey 2020.




Tentatively scheduled for 5-7 days in September.



Activity content and benefits:

1. For those who are selected, FREY will reimburse round-trip tickets, pick up flights and arrange all activities, accommodation and meals after they arrive in China.

2. Visit FREY factory, observe production process of Frey Bike and discuss with FREY chief designer and engineer on future demand trend and performance requirements of electric mountain bicycle.

3.Participate in the release and evaluation of some FREY 2020 new model, experience the quality and performance of FREY EMTB in mountain bike park, and enjoy 2020 new product experience activities.

4. Visit and ride in some famous scenic spots in China.

5. All eligible participants in this activity can enjoy the privileged price of Frey Bike AM1000 and M600 model, and each person can only buy one.

6. Those who are selected will enjoy privileges and have preferential price of Frey 2020 limited model, and each person can only buy one.

7. Frey will present exquisite gifts and souvenir, and sent back to the airport.


Recruiting Requirements:

1. All FREY Bike users, partners who purchased AM1000 or M600 model, and share FREY product information and FREY BIKE cycling experience.

2. Those who forward the information of this activity.

3. Those who wish to disseminate Frey and share the itinerary of this activity in real time.



Those who are qualified and interested in the activity are welcomed. Please explain your situation, express your thoughts and expectations for the trip. Recruitment lasts for one month till the early August.


Application Email to: activity@frey.bike

The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Frey.Bike


FREY is listening to you as partners and customers, we value your advice. FREY strives to make the best affordable e-bikes on the market today, our customers make that happen. If you have ideas for product improvements please reach out to us, we are listening. If you have any questions on available pre-order upgrades please contact us.

Please give us your Name, Email address and message. We will answer all questions and inquiries within 12 hours.

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